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What is social bookmarking in SEO?

Social bookmarking is a centralized online service that allows users to add, edit and share web pages and documents online by using various social bookmarking sites.  Usually people are used web page’s links that they want to share with by using lots of sites to store this links online. Social bookmark is always public that everybody can easily see them. Many social bookmarking sites allows users to use related tags or keywords of web pages that are very convenient to find your social bookmark to users by using that  words and are helpful for SEO practice. Social bookmarking is sometimes also known as folksonomy. Folksonomy is a word that made by combination of folk and taxonomy and is meaning is classification created by any person or group of people. One thing that you must keep in mind before doing social bookmarking is appropriate category.  As we know social bookmarking is used for back linking make sure to submit your website’s links to social bookmarking sites with do follow attributes. 

Benefits of social bookmarking in SEO
Social bookmarking has lots of benefits in SEO like it enhances the ranking of your website on Google which depends on your link popularity and content uniqueness posted in description. Some benefits are as following:-
  •  Social bookmarking helps to add your website’s link to another site.
  •  It is used to take referral traffic to our site when somebody click the link and visit your linked site that automatically increases website traffic.
  • By using social bookmarking technique you can increase quality back links to your site. Top quality back links are also useful to enhance website ranking.
  • Many social bookmarking tools are created to help the users to add online bookmarks instead of saving them to computers.
  • It is best practice for SEO. Taking quality back links from high page rank website can be increase website’s ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs).
  • It social bookmarking where you can interact with other to share bookmarks, send ideas to make your bookmarks better and comments.
  • If you have done your bookmark than you can access all information of your account and bookmarks. You never have to worry about loose of information have bookmarked.
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Social bookmarking sites

Steps to do social bookmarking
  • Open the social bookmarking site and find sign up or register button it is usually appear on the right top of site.
  • Click the sigh up or register button and enter the required information like username, email address and password.
  • After signing up check your email for verification link and click verify my email address.
  • After verification submit unique URL of your site on the box and click submit.
  • When you submit your URL fill the required information like your title, keywords or tags, description etc. (Note: The title and description field some time taken by default Meta description of site so change it and fill unique description).
  • After above process click the spam box for human verification than click submit.
  • After submission it will ask you to modify and submit for finally submission if you have entered some wrong information than modify otherwise submit it.
  • After submission click the title of your submission and save the link to your excel or other database for future access.